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Facts, Figures & Penalties - 12 Roadsafety Facts

Nationally 3,500 die each year as a result of road crashes.

Nationally 40,000 are seriously injured on Britain’s roads.

Speed is the biggest contributory factor in road casualties.

At 30mph, vehicles travel 44 feet (about 3 car lengths) every second. Even in good conditions, the difference in stopping distance between 30mph and 35mph is an extra 21 feet, more than 2 car lengths.

Over half of car drivers killed die in accidents on country roads.

Accident risk rises the faster a driver travels. At 25% above the average speed, a driver is about six times as likely to have an accident than a driver travelling at the average speed.

The direct cost of road accidents involving deaths or injuries is approximately£3 billion a year.

Every £1 spent on safety camera enforcement is a £5 saving to the emergency services.

In 2001-2002, in Devon and Cornwall, 102 people were killed and 815 were seriously injured.

Two-thirds of all crashes in which people are killed or injured happen on roads with a speed limit of 30mph or less. At 35mph a driver is twice as likely to kill someone as they are at 30mph.

  • Hit by a car at 40mph = 9 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed.
  • Hit by a car at 30mph = about 50% of pedestrians will live.
  • Hit by a car at 20mph = Only 1 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed.

10 People die and 100 people are seriously injured on Great Britain's roads each day.

26% of the UK's road deaths in 2001 involved road users in the 17-24 year old age group.

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