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Red Light Safety Cameras

Gatsometer BV, manufacturer of the UK's Red LightCameras, (named Gatso RLC 36) has been producing RLC's since 1966. The RLC system is triggered by sensors or ground loops that are cut into road surface as a vehicle passes over them, while a red light is shown. The Red Light Camera was originally used to measure red light offences. Nowadays the RLC can also be used in combination with speed measurement, similar to that of a Gatso Meter rear facing speed camera (radar type 24 technology) and can therefore also record the speed of the offending motorist as well.

Red light cameras are placed at traffic light controlled junctions and photograph vehicles that pass traffic lights set to red. The camera is triggered from inductive proximity sensors placed within the road surface. The detector triggers when a car passes over the loop - if the traffic light is also set to red, then the camera is triggered to take two photographs 1 second apart. A data box is included in the photograph to show the date and time of the photographs, the speed of the vehicle as it passed the red light and, if necessary, a road lane identification.

These two images show the result of a car, the red Ford Sierra, passing a traffic light at red. The first image was taken 4.5 seconds after the lights changed to red, the second was taken at 5.5 seconds.

Red Light Camera ImageRed Light Camera Image

The data box shows that the speed of the Sierra, as it passed the traffic lights, was 30 mph. From the positions ofthe other cars, it is likely that the white Astra was also travelling at about 30 mph as it crossed the junction under a green light (the Astra has moved forward some 3 car lengths in 1 second - 30 mph = 44 feet per second.)

The Renault in these images has just passed the red light at 30 mph. Crossing the junction, under green lights, is a funeral cortege. The driver of the Renault realises his mistake and is braking hard - smoke is coming from his tyres and the nose of the car is diving under the heavy braking. The driver of the hearse is looking towards the Renault and the driver of the first limousine is also reacting, braking hard to avoid a collision with the Renault.

Red Light Camera Image Red Light Camera Image

Lucky Escape

A pedestrian has a lucky escape with a Peugeot in the following two images. The built up traffic suggests that the light has been red for some time and the pedestrian has already crossed half of the road. It's at this point that the pedestrian is forced to jump out of the way, whilst the Peugeot drives through the red light and across the junction...

Red Light Camera Image Red Light Camera Image

The final image shows just how much detail the camera can capture, even in bad light. The markings of the Peugeot 306 are clearly visable whilst the number plate has been removed to protect the driver.

Red Light Camera Image

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