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Speed Information

One of our vans

Even driving just a few miles an hour over the limit greatly increases the risk to pedestrians. When hit at 20mph one pedestrian in 10 is killed, while at 40mph only one in 10 survives.

What can you do? Reducing your speed by even a few miles an hour can mean the difference between life and death.

Speed limits are set as the absolute maximum and they do not imply that it is always safe to drive at that speed. Drivers should ease back on the accelerator according to road conditions, weather conditions and the presence of cyclists and pedestrians.

Devon & Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership is committed to reducing speed accidents through intelligence-led and high visibility policing, education, enforcement and the appropriate use of camera technology.

Inside the Partnership van

Fixed cameras are aimed at reducing drivers' speed and have been placed throughout the two counties. At these sites there has been a marked decrease in the number of injury accidents.

Mobile cameras are deployed throughout Devon and Cornwall to enforce speed limits.

You can make the roads safer. Slow down in built up and residential areas. Always target a safe and appropriate speed and don't drive to the maximum of the limit.

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