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Cookie information

We use cookies and other similar text files or programs when you visit certain parts of this website. A cookie is a small file which is stored on your computer by your web browser.

  1. It helps us to understand the use of the website so that we can improve the information and services that we provide.
  2. It provide you with access and authorisation when a logon is required to access any part of the site.
  3. It stores preferences that you've made so you need only make them once per visit or visits.

Some of these cookies are required in order for the site to function, these cookies will be set without prompting you, where they are not we will allow you the option to "opt in" to using these cookies before we set them, if you do not we will not store a cookie for that function of the site. Additionally, where possible, we will use the same cookie to store your preferences for our site in order to minimise the number of cookies set by our site on your computer.

In order to help you identify the cookies set by our website, or by third parties on our site we have listed them below.

Cookie Identifier Expiration Use
ASP.NET_SessionId On browser close This is a Microsoft cookie set by the web application framework used to create this site, known as ASP.NET. If you would like to know more about session cookies in ASP.NET please visit
On browser close
365 Days
These cookies are set by the status bar at the top of the page that appears prompting for your permission to allow us to use Google Analytics to track your visit.

WS_perc-ga_cookieis set to store your answers to this prompt for the current visit (this is to stop asking you on every page visit and avoid annoying you!

WS_perc-ga_cookie_permis set to remember your answer if you answer yes to save this preference permanently.

730 Days
1 Day
On browser close
182 Days
Set by Google Analytics to track your visit to our site, this allows us to collect information such as the number of hits, the type of browser you use and other useful statistics about your visit. These cookies will only be set if you “opt in” to using this service depending on your answers given when prompted by the notification bar that appears on your first visit to the site. For more information please review Google’s privacy policy

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